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Boulder DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil Clark

Boulder Lawyer Phil Clark

Phil Clark has been a trusted and dependable Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney, DUI Lawyer, and top prosecutor for over 20 years. This experience helped develop his perspective, procedures, and legal philosophies of the prosecution and law enforcement community in Colorado.

The Clark Law Firm defends people against DUI and
criminal charges. 

Over the course his career, Phil Clark has handled hundreds of Boulder DUI and Criminal Defense cases. If you are in need of a Boulder Attorney, let The Clark Law Firm defend you. We can help you limit the damage received from DUI and criminal charges.

It is highly advised that if you are seeking a Boulder DUI Attorney or Criminal Defense Lawyer that you find one immediately. Not only will legal aid help reduce the damage you potentially receive, but it’s possible to seek a dismissal through trial proceedings or pre-trial negotiation.

Our Practices

Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkDUI/DWAI/DUID – With experience as a Senior Attorney at the District Attorney’s Office, Phil Clark has the understanding needed to fully grasp the nature of Colorado DUI/DWAI/DUID defense cases.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkDomestic Violence – Colorado has a no-tolerance stance taken against any form of domestic abuse. As a result of this, there are times when people are wrongly accused and convicted. Phil Clark knows what is needed to help protect you from being wrongfully accused.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkDrug Offenses – When dealing with drug charges, you want an attorney to represent you who has three important traits: ability to negotiate, prosecution respect, and a great deal of related experience. Phil Clark possesses all of these traits.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkMedical Marijuana Offenses – The laws surrounding medical marijuana in Colorado are both precarious to navigate and complex to understand. Though the State allows it, under federal law, it is still illegal so navigating through these conflicting rules needs a fine attention to detail.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkAssault and Battery – Attention to detail with evidence and an intimate knowledge of the procedures and practices when dealing with these cases is essential. Typically, only former prosecutors like Phil Clark and public defenders are qualified enough to handle such cases, as they can be extremely complex.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkFelony Defense – When it comes to felony defense, Phil Clark is experienced, knowledgeable, and diligent. His accomplishments and understanding is highlighted by the fact that was appointed Second-in-Command in the District Attorney’s Office in Weld County.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkMisdemeanor Defense – Phil Clark has been handling misdemeanor cases for over 20 years, and in that time, has gained extensive and intimate knowledge concerning important defense issues for numerous petty offenses.


Boulder Felony Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkLegal Aid for Students – Getting into trouble as a student brings abut certain problems that can be life changing. Keeping our client’s academic status is our main concern, as being expelled from school can at times have worse effects than the charges they are being accused of.


Guidance through tough times is what The Clark Law Firm is all about. We help you get your life back on track.

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