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Mathew Cordle Takes Full Responsibility For Killing a Man While Driving Drunk

Mathew Cordle Takes Full Responsibility For Killing a Man While Driving Drunk

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DUI Defense Attorney Phil Clark 22-year-old Mathew Cordle is doing what many people would fear attempting. He is openly taking responsibility for killing a man in a DUI accident. He posted a video on the non-profit website confessing to the crime he committed in June. The video can be viewed here.

In the video, Mathews story told starts out in a rather typical fashion for a man his age. He was out drinking one night with friends, hopping from bar to bar, simply enjoying himself and trying to have a good time. That is of course until he lost control and count of the amount of alcohol he was drinking. He admits to blacking out, and before he fully considering it, had decided to attempt to drive himself home.

To convince himself at the time while drunk, he mentions what many people convicted of a DUI try to tell themselves themselves, “Home is only a few miles away”, “i’ve only had a few drinks,” “I feel fine,” and “nothing will happen to me as it has to others.” He found himself driving down the wrong side of the highway directly into oncoming traffic. He eventually struck a car and subsequently killed a man, Vincent Canzani.

In his video he said he would willfully take whatever punishment that was handed down to him. He would not try to take a reduced sentence, or lie about what had happened in honor of his victims memory. Cordle told his lawyers not to attempt to fight the charges brought against him and then pleaded guilty a few days after he was indicted.

Prosecutors, in light of his video admission, ask that 6 months be taken off the maximum sentencing of 8 years which they are seeking. Sentencing is scheduled for October 23rd.

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