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Aggressive representation and skillful litigation. Phil Clark knows what police should and shouldn't do when they pull over your vehicle in Colorado.

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Our goal is to help protect your academic status by advising you on your criminal or motor vehicle changes.

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Phil Clark is a former top prosecutor with an in-depth perspective on Colorado law for criminal defense.

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Charged with DUI in Boulder, CO?

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If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), get a Boulder DUI attorney to defend your case immediately. In Colorado, a DUI/DWAI conviction stays on your record for life and subjects you to the greater penalties associated with additional DUI/DWAI convictions. A conviction for DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs – can have the worst impact on all aspects of your life. Not only does a DUI conviction take away your license to drive, it will impact your family, friends, job, and finances.

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Don’t lose your license. Boulder attorney Phil Clark can help.

You Need a DUI Defense Attorney

Don’t Lose Your License

If you took a breath test, you have only 7 days to discuss it with an attorney and request a hearing to keep your license. If you don’t, you face losing your license. We can help sort through the complex legal issues and reduce or get rid of the charges against you. Some of the legal issues we can help you through include:

  • Intoxilizer Breath Test Evidence
  • Blood Testing Protocols
  • Urine Drug Testing
  • Colorado Department of Health Standards
  • Flawed Evidence
  • Department of Motor Vehicles Probationary Licenses
  • Contested Hearings & Consequences

Contact Boulder DUI attorney Phil Clark at 303-444-4251 today. Boulder DUI lawyer Phil Clark knows how both sides of DUI case work. He has over 25 years of experience and relationships with a background gained from many years as a senior prosecutor.

Choose the Right Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney

Protect Your Rights & the Rest of Your Life

A criminal arrest in Boulder, CO can be a life-changing event. If you are convicted of a crime, the emotional, legal, and financial strain can follow you for the rest of your life. It is critical to protect your rights, including hiring an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney who understands your case.

A great criminal defense attorney can help protect you from missteps and help you put together the best defense possible: saving you from fines, scars on your permanent record, and even years in prison.



Experience on both sides of the law was key.

“Phil helped me in a very difficult situation of a hit and run… He was able to work with law enforcement. Not only did my case go smoothly, it saved me the devastating charges that would have caused the loss of my drivers license.” ★★★★★




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Students – Protect Your Future

Don’t Lose Scholarships or Eligibility

If you are a student that is on the verge of losing your scholarships, eligibility, or facing any other academic penalty, please pick up the phone and call Phil Clark Law for legal help at 303-444-4251. We can help students with their legal issues. Don’t be afraid. Protect your future. Contact Phil Clark Law Firm today for a free consultation.



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“When Results Matter!! Preparation, Persistence and Performance are KEY. Phil Clark was an expert every step of the way when dealing with a possible Felony for our 20 year old son… Excellent results!” ★★★★★




Boulder Defense Attorney – Phil Clark

Experience, Skill & Dedication to Criminal Defense, DUI, &  Criminal Law in Colorado

Boulder DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkPhil Clark Law firm’s distinct expertise sets us apart from other firms. Trial attorneys are a tradition in Phil Clark’s family – going back five generations, starting with Jonas J. Clark who was appointed by Abraham Lincoln as the United States Attorney for District of Kansas City in 1861. Phil Clark is also a descendant of William Clark – from Lewis and Clark.

Phil Clark attended and excelled in law school at the University of Denver with the sole goal of becoming a trial attorney. Before he was even licensed, he had performed over 35 trials as a supervised student attorney. He passed the Colorado bar exam in 1990 with a score so high that the second portion of the test was waived.

Upon passing the bar and becoming fully licensed, Phil became a senior prosecutor for many years in the metro-Denver area. He tried homicides, serial crimes, DUI cases and nearly every type of felony, misdemeanor and traffic offense. He became intimately familiar with the perspectives, procedures and philosophies of the prosecution and law enforcement community.

Later, Phil was appointed second-in-command of the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.  He was then elected as a member of the Colorado District Attorney’s Council State Governing Board serving with each elected District Attorney in Colorado, members of the Governor’s Office, members of the Attorney General’s Office, members of the United States Attorney’s Office and other high-ranking government officials.

Ultimately, Phil founded his own law firm and became a Boulder criminal lawyer, Boulder DUI attorney, and criminal/motor vehicle defense attorney, taking advantage of his great experience.  Phil has been involved in numerous well-known cases and is highly respected in the legal community with a reputation for knowledge, long-time experience and a “never-say-die” perseverance.

Moreover, he is recognized as a community teacher of law and has taught at various high schools and community colleges, and plans to teach at community centers. Mr. Clark is proud of the recognition and appreciation received from his clients for his devotion to their cases. See Client Testimonials here.



Expertise & Results!

“We interviewed over 4 lawyers seeking the ‘best fit’ for our son’s representation. We picked him and thank God today that we made that choice. His objectives were clear and they were solid. I advise anyone needing any help with legal matters to hire Phil Clark…. I wanted the Best for our son and that is exactly what we got. Do your homework before you hire someone! Phil’s care, expertise, delivery and results for our son were outstanding.” ★★★★★




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DUI & Criminal Defense Articles

DUI/DWAI Frequently Asked Questions

More information on DUI, DWAI, and legal defense.


BAC Chart – Blood Alcohol Content Guideline To Understanding How Drunk You May Be

image of blood alcohol concentration charts thumbnails - men and women - by Phil Clark Law
Everything is better when used in moderation, and liquor is no exception. Even if you feel that you’re not drunk, you still may well be over the legal limit to drive. Don’t risk it. Here are some things you should know about blood alcohol concentration in men and women, and what affects it. Read More About Blood Alcohol Content Charts and Guidelines for Men and Women…

Charged for Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs and Marijuana?

Green car illustration with a marijuana leaf in a thought bubbleConsequences for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) are the same as a DUI and can be just as harsh. In the state of Colorado, using marijuana and getting behind the wheel has severe penalties. Understanding what a DUID is and everything it includes can be confusing. Contact the Clark Law Firm for a free consultation.

New Breathalyzer Detection Device for Marijuana

When you’re pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk a police officer will give you some sort of breathalyzer or roadside sobriety test. With the legalization of marijuana in a few states, including Colorado, driving while under the influence of drugs such as marijuana has become a larger concern. There has been no reliable way to test someone for the suspicion of being high when pulled over, but science will change that. Researchers are working on a new device to detect weed on your breath. Read more about New Marijuana Breathalyzer Detection Device…

Underage DUI Laws & Consequences

image of young woman being given field sobriety test - follow the pen with your eyes. An Underage Drinking and Driving Offense (UDD) are taken very seriously for many reasons and the punishment is severe. One of the worst things that can happen to a minor is to get an underage DUI on their record, or, even worse, potentially cause a crash that kills someone while driving drunk. Contact the Clark Law Firm for a free consultation.

Mistaken Identity In Criminal Defense

The “SODDI” defense, or “Some Other Dude Did It”, is used when the defendant claims even though the crime itself was indeed committed, someone else did it. Broadly regarded as the “mistaken identity” defense, SODDI can and has been used in a variety of different cases, from DWI to Murder.

Charged with Obstructing a Peace Officer in Colorado?

Police car parked near a tree in front of green grass with a blue skyObstruction of a peace officer is a common legal misunderstanding. This is a common charge and can be very broadly defined by the law, and as a result you need to understand what actions constitute this offense and what defenses are available. Contact the Clark Law Firm for a free consultation.

Charged with a DUI While Serving in the Army?

Getting a DUI in the army is the quickest and most sure-fire way to end a military career. The severity of receiving a DUI only increases when the accused is a member of the army. Getting a DUI in the army can have serious repercussions on not only the defendant’s military career, but also their life after leaving the military. In addition to facing a dishonorable discharge, the defendant will also have a criminal record as a civilian. Read more Getting A DUI in the Army…

DUI Do’s and Don’ts

Remember that as soon as a police officer decides to pull you over for suspicion of drunk driving (DUI/DWAI), he starts making observations that he will put in the police report. This document can have a significant impact on the outcome of both your criminal trial and your DMV hearing. One of the first things the officer does is make a mental note of how you pull over. If you drive erratically, slow down too abruptly, or pull over in an unsafe location, the officer notes it in the report. Read more about DUI Dos and Don’ts…

Is It Theft, Robbery, or Burglary? – Infographic

image - thumbnail of infographic that explains the differences between theft, robbery, and burglary
Burglary, robbery, theft – these words are often used interchangeably, but there are distinct legal differences between the three terms. Although each term involves the unauthorized taking of someone else’s property, each term defines a distinct crime. So what are the differences between the three? Read more about DUI Dos and Don’ts…



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We understand that sometimes people just want to inform themselves before making any decisions or taking any action. Knowledge is power, and to help empower yourself we’ve created a Resource & Help Center. We provide this to educate and offer information about services that can help you on a number of fronts – from Drug Offense, Domestic Abuse, DUI, to addiction and treatment, and any other number of legal questions.

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