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10 Ways To Keep Your Friends From Driving Drunk

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Useful Tips To Keep Your Drunk Friends Out Of Their Car And Off The Road

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Most of us would agree that it is a poor friend who allows their friends to drive drunk, which is why most people make attempts to stop their friends from doing so, or ensure they wait long enough until they sober up. However many times, this is easier said than done. Since people that have been drinking are, with no other better way to say it, difficult.

For this reason, we have created a quick list of 10 ways to help keep your friends from driving drunk and off the road. Some of these you may have heard already, others may seem silly, but in the end, anything and everything that can be done to avoid a drunk person from driving should be. You’re are not only looking out for their safety, but the safety of all other motorists, and non motorists, on the road.

Have A Designated Driver

Perhaps the most sure fire way to keep people from driving drunk is to assign a person who, for the night, will stay sober and transport everyone around. It may not be fun for that person, but everyone in the party will know they have a ride and will not have to worry about transporting themselves. It is then also the job of those drinking to ensure their designated driver doesn’t drink, nor tempt them to.

Choose To Drive Their Vehicle Yourself

There may be times where you know someone is going to drive drunk, and though you didn’t intend on having to drive them around yourself, that’s much better than the alternative. Remaining sober and offering to drive their vehicle so that they can have fun will hopefully be recognized, and in the future the debt will be repaid. Something like this may even cause them to notice the nice gesture, and keep them from thinking of driving drunk in the future.

Hide Their Keys From Them

A persons key chain often has both their house and car keys. By hiding them, and letting them know their hidden, even if they have a spare to their car, they may not have one for their home. So even if they chose to drive drunk still, they may not have anywhere to go. Generally this will cause them to argue with you and demand them back, but just let it be known that it is not safe for them to drive, and you are doing the right thing. They make get angry, but it’s better than the alternative.

Remove A Tire From Their Vehicle

This may seem extreme, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It also doesn’t take that long if you have the two necessary tools. The only big trick is to keep the nuts with you as they can still attach a spare tire if they really wanted to. In the end, they will probably be more surprised by the fact that you went to such an extreme to keep them from driving, and won’t become overly upset. After all, it did take some effort, and even a drunk person can realize that what you are doing is indeed with better judgement.

Use A Taxi Service

You can always offer to pay for a taxi to take them home or wherever they intend to go. The problem is, most the time they’ll simply refuse and say it’s not necessary. But making the offer will at least show your intentions, after which, you can then take more extreme measures if they are still persistent and set on driving.

Begin A Meaningful Conversation

As we have all experienced, when a person is drunk, they can dive deep into some heady conversations. You can instigate this yourself, and say you need to talk to them. It doesn’t have to be about them driving drunk, preferably, you would discuss something else. But essentially what you are doing is buying time, and we all know these conversations can go on until the wee hours of the morning. The longer you talk, without allowing them to drink or leave, the more sober they will become. Until eventually the booze wears off, sleepiness sets in, and they are either ready to just spend the night their, or are finally able to drive themselves home.


Doing physical activity does not help with hangovers when you drink, but it does help to sober you up and work it out of your system. Both due to the actual activity of dancing, but also due to the fact that you most likely are not drinking while you dance. Keep someone on the dance floor and away from the bar if they are trying to leave, if you make it such that they are having too much fun to leave, than driving drunk won’t be a concern.

Use Scare Tactics

Usually lying is a bad thing, but a little white lie in this case is ok. You can tell them of many fictitious DUI checkpoints that are out and about, as well as a swarm of cops because they’re looking for drunk drivers. If you strike enough fear into their hearts, they are sure to stay out of the drivers seat. In fact, any lie is better than letting a person drive drunk, so long as once they’ve sobered up you tell them. At least that way you were honest and a good friend.

Physically Restrain

There are videos of people going as far as to knock their friends out with a sucker punch to keep them driving drunk. Now, that is not necessary nor should it be attempted. But it just goes to show the lengths people will go to keep their friends safe, even if that means doing some harm.

Now this isn’t to say you should punch your friend, but if you need to, you can wrestle around a little bit. Get your other friends involved as well. The idea of it will most likely be amusing in the least, and may show your friend that driving is perhaps a bad idea if they have a number of friends physically restraining them from entering their vehicle. Nothing more than a little tough love.

Threaten To Call The Cops

In the end, if all else fails, just tell them you’ll call the cops. It’s better if you go through with this threat while they are there and can hear it. They certainly won’t want to attempt to drive if they know the cops are on the way, and they are specifically on the lookout for their vehicles make and model. Your friend may become upset with this, but as a last resort, just explain you’ve tried everything to keep the from driving and this is the only and final option remaining.

Hopefully they’ll get the point, and if not, you have to follow through with it and again its best to do while they can hear it. Simply say your friend is about to drive drunk, you can’t stop them, and here is their name and vehicle type to be on the lookout for, even the direction they’re heading. After all this heard by your friend, they may be upset with you, but they won’t be spending the night in jail as they well know the cops are looking for them. if they’re a good friend, they’ll eventually recognize the deed and drop any grudge they may have acquired. But in the end, anything you can do to keep your drunk friends off the road the better.

Do what you can to keep your drunk friends off the road, and be sure to do the same yourself. But if a mistake was made, be sure to contact Colorado DUI Attorney Phil Clark immediately so that he can help guide you down the right path of action.




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