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3 Cautionary DUI Tales and Words of Warning

3 Cautionary DUI Tales and Words of Warning

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Sometimes the law can seem unfair, and then there are other times when it is obviously not fair. However, even though many might argue that our legal system is broken in a number of ways, it is a never ending work in process and must be remembered as such. Though, as true as those words are, that doesn’t make receiving a DUI any easier for the three people in these following stories.

Their tales should come as words of warning because you’ll soon find out that even though you may feel you’ve done the right thing, it has somehow gone against existing laws, thus putting you at fault. The three following stories highlights how this can occur and how these people received their DUI’s in what seems less than fair or just circumstances. The names of those involved in these stories will be changed, but a quick look online will find that these exact scenarios play out more often than you may imagine.

A Call For Help

Jen had been arguing all day with her long time boyfriend. Once night fell, the argument had reached a pitch that begun to frighten Jen. They had both been drinking all day, perhaps to cope with the stress, but by nightfall they were both heavily intoxicated and as a result the argument was becoming more fierce. Jens boyfriend began becoming aggressive and started to grab Jen and push her around. Afraid, Jen decided to call the cops.

However the police did not immediately respond. Rather, they parked down the street from the address, perhaps to see if things would calm down or to find out how they would unfold. Nonetheless, two police cruisers were there yet they did not approach Jen’s home. Meanwhile, Jen was becoming increasingly scared and knowing the police were supposedly on their way, she decided to wait outside for them.

However, it was winter and as it was cold outside, she decided she would wait in her car for the police to arrive. So she decided she would pull across the street so as to not be harassed any further by her boyfriend. As she was pulling out of her driveway, and as soon as her back two rear tires hit the street, both police cruisers turned their lights on and boxed her car in.

As Jen was waiting on them, she got out of the car to go and explain the situation. But the police didn’t hear her complaints about possible domestic violence and rather began questioning why she was driving. She explained what her intentions were, but since she was obviously intoxicated, they asked her to take a breathalyzer since she was behind the wheel.She argued that she was trying to wait for them and keep herself safe, but her reasons fell on deaf ears. They arrested her and charged her with a DUI.

A Good Nights Sleep

John had spent the night partying for a good friends birthday. They went to all their favorite bars and genuinely had a grand time. They took a cab home and continued the party at a friends home until around 4 am. Around 9 am, everyone was waking up hungover and the unanimous decision to go get breakfast was made.

They all decided to ride with John that morning, and after driving no more than 5 blocks from the house, John was pulled over for failure to signal. John apologized and explained that he was driving his friends to go have a birthday breakfast. Though the police officer only noticed that Johns breath smelled like alcohol. The officer asked John to exit the car and take a road side sobriety test. John complied, thinking it was safe as there was no way he could still be intoxicated… he slept all night.

However John failed a few of the roadside tests and the officer asked if he would take a breathalyzer. John thinking he failed because it was early and not because he was drunk agreed. He soon found out that he was indeed still intoxicated from the night before and alcohol was still flowing through his system. The officer arrested John and charged him with a DUI.

Hospitality Denied

Samantha took a road trip with her girlfriends and they had every destination, restaurant, and hotel picked out where they would be visiting. In one town, after a rather heavy night of drinking, the girls took a cab back to the hotel where they continued to have a good time. However, other hotel patrons were disturbed by the amount of noise they were creating.

The hotel manager on duty repeatedly asked them to quite down but Samantha and her friends were having too much of a good time to calm down. As such, the Hotel Manager decided to kick them all out of the hotel in the middle of the night, barring them from returning. They were to pack up their belonging and leave. Seeing the manager wasn’t joking around, and even after arguing that they shouldn’t be driving, Samantha and her friends reluctantly left. Soon after leaving the hotel, and with no where to go, Samantha was pulled over by the police and found to be drunk. She was arrested and charged with a DUI.

When it comes down to it, you may well be thinking you are doing the right thing. Sadly, some people are asked to do the “right thing” when they are already intoxicated, which obviously means the “right thing” may not be so well thought out. But it’s worth remembering that anytime alcohol is involved… DO NOT get behind the wheel of a car. Under no circumstances… because in the end there is no way to tell exactly how things will unfold. Just a few cautionary tales to put things into perspective.

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