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8 Ways You Can Minimize The Impact Of A DWI

8 Ways You Can Minimize The Impact Of A DWI

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Ways You Can Reduce the Damage of a DWI

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DUI offenses are serious, sometimes life-changing events that can drastically affect many aspects of your work, personal and social sphere. The best way to avoid such changes is to avoid drunk driving. However, when such offenses occur, the impact of a DUI on daily life can be minimized in a variety of ways.

Retain a Lawyer

While many people may counsel you otherwise, retaining a reputable lawyer or law firm to handle your DUI conviction is the first step towards minimizing the negative effects of a DUI. Unless you are yourself a lawyer, the advantages of having a legal expert on your side of the courtroom far outweighs the cost.

Take Some Time To Get Your Bearings

A DUI arrest can be a huge blow to your emotional and psychological state. If possible, use personal or vacation time to take a few days off. This will allow you to both understand the depth of the situation and consider how you will get past it.

Come To Terms With The Loss Of Your License

Even a first time DUI offense can result in the loss of your driver’s license, depending on the penalties in your specific state. With the prospect of losing your means of transportation for up to three months, you might find yourself frustrated and angry. Unfortunately, there is little you can do after the fact, so coming to terms with arrangement will make help make the situation as bearable as possible.

Be Ready For Drunk Driving School

Often times, convicted DUI offenders will be required to attend drunk or defensive driving school. If you are ordered to attend such a class, try to be as attentive and understanding as possible. Like the loss of your license, attending drunk driving school may be beyond your control. However, complaining will not make the class go by any faster.

Consider Attending AA Meetings

Even if you are not required to attend meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, you might consider doing so anyways. While you may not classify yourself as an alcoholic, taking steps to correct the mistakes that lead to the DUI shows that you are attempting to move forward in a more responsible manner.

Arrange For Alternate Transportation

With your license out of commission, you will still need to get to and from work, school, etc. Arrange to carpool, catch a ride, or utilize public transportation to avoid missed days or other complications.

Purchase SR-22 Insurance

Just because your car in unavailable to you does not mean that your car can go uninsured. After your DUI, you current insurance company may no longer be a viable option. In such cases, the best alternate is SR-22 insurance. SR-22 insurance assures the government that you are taking financial responsibility for your car, even when you are not able to drive it.

Keep the Matter Private

It’s human nature to want to talk to others about your experiences and troubles, but it is best to refrain from such conversations. Co-workers, friends, and neighbors have no need to for more information and constantly rehashing your DUI offense can make it hard to move forward or easier to spread vicious rumors.

As with DUI offenses, every case is different, and the effects of a conviction can vary widely. Nevertheless, a combination of any or all of the above suggests can serve to alleviate some of the stresses that occur in such situations.

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