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About Attorney Phil Clark

Boulder Attorney Phil Clark

Phil Clark is a criminal defense lawyer who brings vast, diverse experience, skill & and dedication to criminal defense, DUI’s, & criminal law in Colorado

Boulder DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Phil ClarkTrial attorneys are a tradition in Phil Clark’s family. Going back five generations starting with Jonas J. Clark who was appointed by Abraham Lincoln as the United States Attorney for District of Kansas City in 1861. Phil Clark is also a descendant of William Clark – from Lewis and Clark.

Phil Clark attended and excelled in law school at the University of Denver, with the sole goal of becoming a trial attorney. Before he was even licensed, he had performed over 35 trials as a supervised student attorney. He passed the Colorado bar exam in 1990 with a score so high that the second portion of the test was waived.

Upon passing the bar and becoming fully licensed, Phil became a senior prosecutor for many years in the metro-Denver area. He tried homicides, serial crimes, DUI cases and nearly every type of felony, misdemeanor and traffic offense. He became intimately familiar with the perspectives, procedures and philosophies of the prosecution and law enforcement community.

Later, Phil was appointed second-in-command of the Weld County District Attorney’’’s Office.  He was then elected as a member of the Colorado District Attorney’s Council State Governing Board serving with each elected District Attorney in Colorado, members of the Governor’s Office, members of the Attorney General’s Office, members of the United States Attorney’s Office and other high-ranking government officials.



An Attorney You Can Trust

“Phil fought for me and I will be forever grateful. I felt and still do, that he honestly cared about the outcome of my case and completely committed himself to winning. Phil treated me with respect and never seemed judgmental or pushy. Some lawyers are so set on doing things their way that you get the feeling that you are just a payday, not with Phil. I would recommend his services to anyone 100 percent.” ★★★★★




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He won my case

“TRUST his advice. Follow his lead. This man is a consummate professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to anyone. Yes, he’s that good! He’s a man of integrity as well. So glad someone in Denver recommended him to me.” ★★★★★



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Vast Experience Makes Phil Clark a Uniquely Qualified Attorney

Ultimately, Phil founded his own law firm and became a Boulder criminal lawyer, Boulder DUI attorney, and criminal/motor vehicle defense attorney, taking advantage of his great experience.  Phil has been involved in numerous well-known cases and is highly respected in the legal community with a reputation for knowledge, long-time experience and a “never-say-die” perseverance.

Moreover, he is recognized as a community teacher of law and has taught at various high schools and community colleges, and plans to teach at community centers. Mr. Clark is proud of the recognition and appreciation received from his clients for his devotion to their cases. See Client Testimonials here.

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Phil Clark’s Experience Means Versatile Legal Expertise

Practice Areas

A great criminal defense attorney helps protect you from missteps and puts together the best defense possible – saving you from fines, stains on your permanent record, and even time in jail or prison.

Boulder Criminal Defense Lawyer Phil Clark has been practicing criminal law for over 25 years – as a prosecutor for the Denver District Attorney’s Office, and then as a criminal defense attorney in Boulder, Colorado. He knows how the D.A.’s office works and can help you find ways to minimize your sentence or even have your case dismissed before it reaches trial.

DUI/DWAI Defense

Learn how Phil Clark’s distinct expertise sets him apart. If you received a charge for driving under the influence (DUI), get a Boulder DUI attorney to defend your case immediately. A DUI charge can negatively impact many aspects of your life – your license to drive, your family, friends, job, and finances. Contact Boulder DUI attorney Phil Clark to start your consultation.


Phil Clark is an experienced felony defense attorney who is regarded as being knowledgeable, experienced, and diligent. He has been involved in several well-known felony cases, so he understands exactly what is needed in order to properly defend his clients.

Drug Offenses

If you received a drug charge, there are three important traits that your Boulder criminal defense attorney should have when defending you against drug charges. Learn more now.

Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanor defense clients benefit from Phil Clark’s experience as a senior attorney with the District Attorney’s Office and his strong understanding of and deep insight into the mentality of prosecutors and judges when handling misdemeanor defense.

Legal Help for Students

Students in Boulder – you need to be aware of your rights and what can be done in your defense. Depending on your particular institution, and the specific offense charged, a criminal conviction can lead to some serious problems – academic discipline, loss of a scholarship, removal from a dormitory or student housing, or even expulsion.

Domestic Violence

At The Clark Law Firm, we work to preserve your life and family. Through hearing your case, we can form a strong position and take steps together towards an improved life.

Assault & Battery

As a Boulder criminal defense lawyer, Phil Clark has the knowledge and skills needed to properly deal with complex sexual assault and imperative Assault & Battery defense cases.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Phil Clark knows that it is vital to have an experienced and trustworthy lawyer at your side when you are facing serious criminal allegations. Mistakes are made and accidents happen, however, the Clark Law Firm believes that offenders need protection and the opportunity to make reparation without facing an unjustified sentence carried out by an unsympathetic or crusading prosecutor. You can trust us to provide the expert legal advice, guidance and dedicated defense in court that you deserve.



A great lawyer you can trust

“Mr. Clark/ The Clark Law Firm very friendly and smart. If you need help these are your people! Through the whole experience and especially by the end I was thankful that I had found him.” ★★★★★




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