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Experience on Both Sides Makes for Uniquely Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney

The Phil Clark Law Firm brings a great range of experience from multiple sides of the legal system. Criminal defense and DUI attorney Phil Clark is a Boulder based lawyer who brings tremendous experience, skill & dedication to criminal defense, DUI cases, & criminal law in Colorado. Our clients gain the advantage of Phil Clark’s wealth of experience and many relationships throughout the legal world.

Expertise & Knowledge of the Colorado Legal System

image of statue - Lady JusticeUnderstanding the inner workings of the District Attorney’s Office is paramount when working on legal defense issues. The judges and the court staff are helpful when working toward the best possible result in a case. Phil’s unique expertise allows him to identify all issues relevant to a case, both legal and social, and weave them into a “best possible resolution”. The Clark Law Firm’s expertise and knowledge of the Colorado legal system, as well as understanding of life/legal matters, makes the Clark Law Firm the right choice for your legal representation.

The Clark Law Firm – Criminal Defense Experience

Phil has been involved in numerous well-known cases and is highly respected in the legal community. His reputation for knowledge, long-time experience and a “never-say-die” perseverance have garnered him praise and trust by clients and colleagues alike. Moreover, he is recognized as a community teacher of law and has taught at various high schools and community colleges, and extends his services at community centers. Trial attorneys are a tradition in Phil Clark’s family, going back five generations, starting with Jonas J. Clark who was appointed by Abraham Lincoln as the United States Attorney for District of Kansas City in 1861.

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Why Choose Phil Clark as Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Boulder Criminal Defense Lawyer Phil Clark has been practicing criminal law for over 20 years, first as a prosecutor for the Denver District Attorney’s Office, and then as a criminal defense attorney in Boulder, Colorado. Attorney Phil Clark knows how the District Attorney’s office works and can help you find ways to minimize your sentence or even have your case dismissed before it reaches trial.

Phil Clark has helped clients charged with:

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