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If You’re Arrested In Colorado

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If you have not been arrested, and many times even if you have been, you may not know exactly what is going to happen nor your rights when confronted by an officer. Read through the following material to educate yourself on some of your rights and what to do if you are ever arrested in the state of Colorado.

Remember your right to remain silent. Many times law enforcement does not know whom to believe and they may easily get it wrong. In DUI situations, it is possible to cooperate with roadside testing without agreeing to say anything. It is wise to talk to an attorney before talking to the police.

Call an attorney the first opportunity you get. An attorney can set things in motion and give critical advice. If you are aware that you are a suspect or person of interest in an investigation, it is extremely important that you consult with an attorney.

If there has been an arrest, work with an attorney to post a release bond as soon as possible. After a short period of time in your case, it generally becomes more difficult to obtain a reduction in your bond as opinions harden and the court and prosecutors move on to other matters.

Consider who is a witness (good or bad) to anything you have been accused of and gather statements as well as contact information as quickly as possible. This is particularly important in motor vehicle matters as the police often do not interview all witnesses and finding them later may prove to be difficult.

Consider carefully whether you have any evidence that might be useful in establishing your side of the story. Immediately being to think over your side of the story and gather information (on paper or physical evidence) that could help with your defense.