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Mistakes To Avoid in Choosing a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Do not wait until the last minute, until the situation starts looking truly bad for you, before consulting an attorney. Time is only on your side for a short time. If you are not sure if you can afford an attorney, please contact us as we may be able to work within your budget.

Do not assume that if you tell your story in full that everyone will see that it is a big misunderstanding. If an officer is convinced that you are guilty it is possible that anything you say will be viewed as evidence of guilt. The law enforcement system is overloaded, stressed and generally in a hurry to get to the next situation. It does not always “get it right”.

Do not hire the only attorney you know or the first attorney you find to handle a criminal matter. Criminal law is an incredibly complex area that takes many years to fully understand. Criminal law is dynamic and constantly changing. Some consider it nearly impossible to master criminal law and practice in several other areas of law at the same time. Perhaps it can be done but buyer-beware.

Do not hire an attorney without making sure that you are comfortable with them personally if possible. You will need to trust this person as you may spend some time discussing private matters.