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Assault & Battery Attorney

Assault & Battery Defense Attorney Phil Clark Has Over 25 Years of Experience Dealing with Assault Cases in Colorado

Man in red shirt being handcuffed by a police officer on the side of a police carFormer prosecutors and public defenders are more qualified to handle assault and battery charges because they have acquired an eye for the smallest details in the evidence presented to them.

They also have been involved in some of the most difficult work criminal law has to offer. As a result, they have acquired intimate knowledge in the procedures and practices of criminal law, which is invaluable when dealing with complex cases and defending those who have been accused of such crimes.

As a Boulder criminal defense lawyer, Phil Clark has the knowledge and skills needed to properly deal with complex sexual assault and imperative Assault & Battery defense cases with the following factors:

  • DNA Evidence
  • Hair and Fiber Evidence
  • Computer Evidence
  • Witness-Believability Issues
  • Mental-health or Sanity Defenses
  • High-Profile Media Involvement


Phil Clark’s previous clients, who had assault charges brought against them, attest to the fact the Phil Clark went to work immediately, examining the situation in detail and, if possible, attempted to persuade prosecutors not to file charges. See our Client Testimonials for more.

He knows the difficult process that lies ahead as an assault and battery lawyer, and he will defend you with the compassion and professionalism you deserve in these trying times. Phil Clark is dedicated to providing his clients with successful results by using creative solutions, perseverance, and his many years’ worth of experience.

If you are in need of an assault and battery or sexual assault defense attorney, contact The Clark Law Firm today! Phil Clark will go to work immediately to ensure that everything is done to minimize the damages incurred from assault charges being brought against you.