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Woman Photo Collage - Domestic Violence Lawyer in Boulder, COIf you have been accused of domestic violence around Boulder and Denver, you know that there is no tolerance for this in Colorado. In such cases, you are presumed to be guilty when accused and it seems that the system is working against you because police are trained to arrest in these situations.

Once accused, arrest inevitably follows. However, domestic abuse can occur in many forms.

Understanding what home violence in its most general definition is key: an abusive pattern of actions from one partner against the other in an intimate relationship.

Domestic Violence Can Take Many Forms

If you are unsure whether or not your arrest was justified, the following categories are considered Domestic Violence:

  • Physical Harm: Kicking, Hitting, Biting, Pushing, Restraining Movement
  • Threats on Livelihood: Threatening the Immediate Safety of Their Life if They Fail to Comply With Your Wishes
  • Emotional or Psychological Harm: Verbal Aggression, Dominant Actions, or Actions Out of Jealousy
  • Controlling: Micro-Managing of Their Life, Restricting Them From Acting on Their Own Accord
  • Stalking: Obsessive and Unwanted Attention

There are many ways in which cases can take place. If your situation does not fall in the common bullet points above and you are questioning if your case is considered domestic abuse, stop wondering and contact us today to talk to a domestic violence attorney at The Clark Law Firm.

If you don’t feel comfortable on the phone, fill out a contact form and let us contact you in private or have a confidential free 30 minute consultation. Whatever you do, do NOT sit there and believe that your current situation is your only option.

Don’t let the judicial system overwhelm you, no matter what you do, DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY BEFORE CONTACTING A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DEFENSE ATTORNEY. Remember, do not ever accept any help from someone in the system, often they will use your action to build a case against you.

The most common course of action for a victim is to obtain a restraining order to protect themselves. Upon being arrested, if the court sees you calling the alleged victim immediately, they will be swift to warrant a restraining order.

You Are Not Alone – Take Action For Change

At The Clark Law Firm, we work to preserve your life and family. Through hearing your case, we are able to form a strong position and take steps together towards an improved life.

It is a guessing game why domestic violence occurs; the most common theories revolve around psychological issues that affect the perpetrator’s personality traits. It is a vicious cycle where a child who has been in a violent household is more likely to show abusive behaviors as an adult.

There is never a common theory that encompasses all domestic violence cases, which makes it difficult to identify and prevent abuse.

It is important for you to voice your situation confidentially to an experienced lawyer who can assist you in this domestic disturbance. Contact us today for help.