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Whether damage control or a full legal battle is called for, Phil Clark Law has the experience and expertise to handle drug cases in Colorado.

Drug Charges in Colorado Require Exceptional Legal Representation

Defending you against drug charges takes an attorney with special experience and expertise.

Police Writing ReportIf you received a drug charge, there are three important traits that your Boulder criminal defense attorney should have when defending you against drug charges:

  1. Ability to effectively negotiate. Most cases do not result in a trial but are instead resolved through negotiations.
  2. Visibility and respect from the prosecution and law enforcement communities. This demonstrates an understanding of your accusers and the way they think. It also demonstrates an ability to talk to them about your charges without the typical hostility that may often be experienced. In negotiations, getting the other side to listen is half the battle.
  3. A great deal of experience. In most drug cases, personal property is searched and seized and there is an enormous amount of law pertaining to this. The evidence against you may not be admissible in court.

Phil Clark Knows Both Sides – Defense & Prosecution

As a former high-ranking prosecutor, Phil Clark has been handling drug offense cases for over 20 years. All attorneys will say that they have experience in this area but only former prosecutors handling drug cases have lived it day and night throughout their past careers. Phil’s clients benefit from his experience and his strong understanding of the thought processes of prosecutors as well as the inner-workings of the District Attorney’s Office.

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Information on Colorado Drug Possession Laws

Even though Colorado has legalized the possession and recreational use of marijuana, the possession of most controlled substances remains a felony in the state. Learn more about Colorado drug possession laws.