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High Altitude Blood Alcohol Content

High Altitude Blood Alcohol Content

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Many people are under the impression that when they come to Colorado, they’ll get drunk faster due to the higher altitude. As a Boulder DUI lawyer, I’d like to dismiss that myth as many college students and tourists come through expecting this. In fact, many symptoms of altitude sickness are very similar those of hangovers and being drunk. This infographic below explains what people experience as their blood alcohol content levels rise.

High altitude blood alcohol content infographic


Blood Alcohol Content Chart – Avoid Getting a DUI in Boulder

This is what happens to your body and mind the more you drink.

  • .01-.029: Normal body & mind.
  • .03-.059: Euphoria, talkative, & lower inhibitions.
  • .06-.10: Extroversion, decreased libido, reasoning, & vision impairment.
  • .11-.20: Overexpression, emotional, staggering, & slurring of words.
  • .21-.29: Stupor, impaired sensation, & blackout.
  • .30-.39: Severe central nervous system depression, unconscious, lack of bladder control, & low heart rate.
  • > .40: Lack of behavior, unconscious, impaired breathing & heart rate… You’re probably dead.

In order to avoid getting a Boulder DWAI or DUI, be aware of how much you’re drinking and how your body is responding. Being a mile high, it is recommended to drink two glasses of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume to avoid over inundating your body with alcohol as well as the painful aftermath of a hangover.

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