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Legal Help for Students in Colorado

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Phil Clark Understands the Legal Issues Students Encounter

Student in red shirt getting arrested by two cops in front of a do not cross lineStudents in Boulder, CO need to be aware of their rights and what can be done if they get into legal trouble. Depending on your particular institution, and the specific offense charged, a criminal conviction can lead to academic discipline, loss of a scholarship, removal from a dormitory or student housing, or even expulsion. Call our local Boulder, Colorado Office at 303-444-4251

Students – Protect Your Future

A conviction can have lasting impacts on your future. If you are convicted of a crime, the emotional, legal, financial, and employment strain can follow you for the rest of your life. It is critical to protect your rights, including hiring an experienced Boulder criminal defense attorney who understands your case. A criminal record will also undermine your chances for admission to a professional or graduate school, and may make securing a job in your chosen profession difficult once your formal education is complete.

At the Clark Law Firm, our goal first and foremost is to protect our client’s academic status. We immediately go to work on your criminal case, as well as advising you as you go through the University disciplinary process.

Don’t Lose Scholarships or Eligibility

If you are a student at risk of losing your scholarships, eligibility, or facing any other academic penalty, please call Phil Clark Law for legal help at 303-444-4251. We can help you with your legal issues. Don’t be afraid. Protect your future. Contact Phil Clark Law Firm today for a free consultation.

If you have been accused of possession of alcohol by a minor (Minor In Possession – MIP), or face marijuana related charges, or other criminal offenses, Phil Clark provides the best legal help for students.

Other Areas of Legal Concern for Students Include But Are Not Limited To:

Clark Law Firm & Colorado Higher Education

Helping University Students with Their Legal Issues

The Clark Law Firm is known for its acute understanding of alternative sentencing options, giving our clients a significant advantage. This experience allows us to offer a strong defense to our clients, whatever criminal charge they are facing, even if it is a minor in possession charge. We assist students, including those from foreign countries, at public and private institutions of higher learning throughout Colorado who are subject to legal action for criminal offenses.

Act fast to reduce any potential life-long damage that could occur. If you or a loved one are a student and you’ve been charged with a crime, contact Phil Clark Law for legal help at 303-444-4251. We can help students with their legal issues. Protect your future. Contact Phil Clark Law Firm today for a free consultation to discuss the best course of action.

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