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Charged With One of These Common Offenses in Colorado? Here’s What to Do

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Three of the most common crimes brought to Boulder attorneys are trespassing, possession of open alcohol containers, and fighting or threatening others. While those charged with these offenses are typically youths and young adults, many older adults are also arrested or charged with them as well.

Below is more information about what constitutes an offense in these three areas, and the best steps to take if you or a loved one is charged with a crime in Colorado. If you are charged with these or a different offense, contact a Boulder criminal defense attorney immediately. Boulder lawyer Phil Clark can provide you with expert counsel on what your options are and a skilled and knowledgeable defense. Contact his Boulder law firm now for advice you can trust.

Trespassing: Though typically a common misdemeanor offense, trespassing can also be charged as a felony in some cases. One of the most common trespassing charges results when a customer is asked to leave a nightclub, bar, or other establishment, and then tries to re-enter. It is not uncommon for a trespass charge to be accompanied by a charge of disorderly conduct or resisting without violence.

Open alcohol containers: It is illegal to possess an open alcohol container in public, except upon premises licensed for consumption of the liquor or beverage involved. The public includes areas such as any public highway, street, alley, walk, parking lot, building, park, or other public property or place. This stands whether you are in a vehicle or not and upon those portions of any private property upon which the public has an expressed or implied license to enter or remain. This can be confusing in some instances—i.e. if you are drinking on an outdoor patio, or in your parked car in another person’s driveway. Make sure you are clear on relevant laws concerning your location.

Fighting or threatening others: This is a common offense that is often linked to drinking or intoxication by one or both parties involved. When you recklessly or intentionally cause injury or pain to another person, it is defined as assault (if bodily injury is caused, you can be charged with Third Degree Assault). When you fight with another person in a public place you may be charged with Brawling. You can be charged with Physical Harassment if you strike, shove, kick, or touch someone with the intent to harass or annoy. Threatening another person or giving them cause to fear bodily injury can result in a charge of Threatening Bodily Injury, and insulting, taunting, or challenging another in a manner likely to provoke a disorderly response puts you in a position to be charged with Use of Fighting Words.

Being convicted of any of the above offenses can damage your assets as well as your future career and reputation. If you or a loved one has been charged with any of the above, contact Boulder attorney Phil Clark immediately for caring and knowledgeable counsel on your options.

For more information on a Boulder DUI lawyer or Colorado marijuana defense attorney, or to schedule a free consultation with a Boulder attorney, call the law offices of Phil Clark at 303.444.4251. Act quickly to protect your reputation and your future.

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