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Colorado Ends Test Taking Online For Concealed Weapons Permits

Colorado Ends Test Taking Online For Concealed Weapons Permits

By on Jun 27, 2013 in Blog, Boulder Colorado Law Advice Blogs | 0 comments

black and white image of a minute man with two rifles in front of a flagApparently, and strange even for pro-gun advocates, Colorado once allowed for individuals to take their concealed weapons permits classes online. Beyond that, they could even pass the test and be certified to carry a concealed weapon.

Currently, there are 6 states which still allow for these online concealed permit tests to be taken: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri, and Virginia. In every other state, including Colorado now, you must provide proof of your training in order to receive your concealed weapons permit. An instructor must have shown you how to load, unload, clean, handle, and store a weapon in order for advancement to occur. This makes sense, at least to most, as to verify that you know how to load or unload a weapon if you are certified to carry a concealed weapon.

Problems With Not Taking Test With A Physical Instructor

There are a handful of potential problems that arise when a person can take their concealed weapons permit classes and tests online. In all honesty, they are numerous, so for our purposes we are only going to name the most critical and important.

  • You can’t be certain the person taking the test is who they claim to be.
  • There are courses which can give you a certificate in less than an hour, with only a handful of questions that need to be answered. How much “training” can occur?
  • They say that people can get a college education, purchase vehicles, and any other number of things online but when it comes down to it, none of those things inherently are created to harm/kill people, therefore, you can’t quite classify them the same way.
  • They say the importance of in-person gun training is debated!? All you ever hear military people say is you train like it’s real life so that when something does occur, you’re ready and not caught off-guard. How can you even come remotely close to training like real life sitting behind your computer? You can’t. At all. Which makes the above statement the most asinine of them all.
  • They say you shouldn’t take away from the convenience of taking an online test, especially for those who have had training, been in the military, or has history dealing with guns. They don’t really need the intensive testing, and should be expedited through.

So let’s say I’m 96-years-old and have been driving a car since I was 16. This means I would have 80 years of driving experience behind me. In essence, by those numbers alone and purely, what wouldn’t I know about driving? But does that mean I should be driving? Old habits, physical abilities, mental faculties, many things go into driving a vehicle, just as they do being trusted to carry a concealed weapon.

I would rather have everyone take the same test every 5 years in person, than believe just because Old Man Winters been shooting guns since he was 5, he’s qualified to have a gun on himself at all times. What about his vision, what about the fact his hand tremors, what about his dementia? These area all important points that would not be considered, or noticed, online.

In The End

In the end, I can’t help but feel this is the right decision. Even gun enthusiasts are on board with the idea. Colorado county sheriffs who in the end make the final decision whether a person can have a concealed permit also back the law. This is even though they mostly opposed many other gun regulations that were being forced through. But how could you deny it? It would almost be like getting a degree online to perform open heart surgery, there is simply to many dangerous and important factors that come into play to allow any Joe Schmo to be able to do it.

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