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Common DUI Myths

Common DUI Myths

By on Sep 11, 2013 in Blog, DUI Blogs | 0 comments

Green and yellow cocktails in glasses with strawA variety of wives’ tales and urban legend seems to exist in the area of alcohol consumption. Such lore often has a way of becoming fact to those who come across it. A selection of the hearsay passed around is actually accurate and viable, giving further credence to the idea of believing what you hear a friend or colleague say about their experiences, or those of a friend or family member.

The hard truth of the matter is that many if not most of said urban legend isn’t exactly credible, and frankly doesn’t hold water when measured or tested. This is particularly common when it comes to drinking; nearly everyone who drinks regularly or even occasionally seem to have some ‘under the table’ remedy for BAC resistance or a quick sober. Although feasible possibilities certainly exist, here is a list of wives’ tales that don’t quite make the cut:

Before Drinking:

  1. Eating specific foods before drinking prevents drunkenness:  A plethora of blogs exist boasting high-carbohydrate foods like breads and pasta as barriers to alcohol into the bloodstream. Although this is true, the margin of difference is so small, the effect typically doesn’t elicit a tangible difference.
  2. Eating large quantities of food before drinking prevents drunkenness:  Holding even less water than the first, the notion of having a full stomach inhibiting alcohol consumption is weak, given that alcohol doesn’t enter the bloodstream via digestion, but rather absorption.

After Drinking:

  1. Coffee in high quantity will help one sober up:  Nope. No relation exists between consuming coffee (regardless of how caffeinated it is or isn’t) and feeling more sober. Most reports of this behavior actually reveal a worsening effect, rather than a stimulation or quickening of the sobering process.
  2. Running and other cardiovascular exercise will help one sober:  Again, no relation exists. Those who run laps before driving a car after drinking are in no way expediting the process by which the alcohol in their bloodstream will pass through their system. It simply takes time, not a temporary metabolism spike.

If Pulled Over:

  1. A breath mint provides an immediate disguise of being drunk:  Of all the myths encountered thus far, this is the most bizarre. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) has absolutely nothing to do with the smell of one’s breath, and an officer will be able to detect drunkenness with or without the presence of a breath mint.
  2. If one doesn’t realize they’re drunk, that’s okay:  Policemen often report DUI offenders claiming they didn’t realize the beverage they were consuming contained alcohol. There is no way to verify that, and it still doesn’t excuse drunk-driving. Officers are well within their right and responsibility to arrest you, accidentally drunk or not.

Although other blogs and websites certainly explore other ‘wives’ tale’ remedies, the one and only way to prevent drunkenness, and therefore drunk driving, is to know the limits of the state in which you  live, and to know your own limits. Far too many people, regardless of their innocence or guilt, die every year because people of varying levels of intoxication rationalize that they are able to drive safely. If there is ever any doubt, call a friend or a cab. It’s not worth the risk…ever.

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Written by Clif, freelance writer for Naegle Law Firm

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