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How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Win A Drug Possession Case — Infographic

How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Win A Drug Possession Case — Infographic

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Avoid Felony Drug Convictions with the best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting a felony drug charge can be a scary situation — it’s a very serious offense that may have long-term ramifications. It can be tempting to try and ignore the issue and pretend nothing is happening but it’s imperative to take action right away to protect your future from being negatively impacted by these charges. Need a Criminal Law Attorney in Boulder, Colorado? Contact Phil Clark!

Infographic about how to fight felony drug charges with a criminal defense lawyer

Get Attorney Representation Immediately

Your best bet at winning your felony drug possession case is to hire a reputable drug possession attorney with experience fighting felony drug charges. You want to give your criminal defense lawyer the maximum amount of time possible to start planning your defense, so you should do this as soon as possible. You always want to optimize your chances of winning and to do that, you can not procrastinate on building your layers of protection.

As slow as you would usually hear that the criminal justice system moves, it’s still important for your lawyer to be hard at work at preparing your defense strategy as soon as possible. It’s possible to have your case scheduled and heard very quickly after being indicted. Don’t even wait until you are indicted; you should hire an attorney as soon as you post bail. Time is ticking and every moment is precious.

Assess Possible Defense Strategies

There are multiple pathways of defense available when you are facing drug felony charges. You are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and the prosecution has the burden of trying to prove every part of their case against you. Your criminal defense lawyer can assert that they have failed to adequately prove any of the required pieces. One common example of this type of defense is for your attorney to argue that the search by the arresting officer was illegal; that there wasn’t probably cause or reasonable suspicion to search your person or vehicle. In this case, evidence found during the illegal search cannot be used to prosecute you because your Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Your case may also be thrown out of any procedural errors took place during your arrest — such as not being properly Mirandized or were denied the right to an attorney. If the prosecution does not follow specific timelines before and during your trial, your case may be dismissed as well.

Lab Testing Issues

Your lawyer may also attempt to argue that there isn’t enough evidence that the substance found is actually an illegal drug. During the arrest, the substance is typically confiscated and sent to a lab for testing. It’s rare for it to happen, but it is possible that equipment at the lab could malfunction or that the sample could be lost, mislabeled or destroyed at some point in the testing process. However, if it does happen, your attorney can take advantage on the fact that the prosecution can’t prove that the substance you were caught with was an illegal drug.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Because the prosecution has to prove that you knowingly and intentionally possessed illegal drugs, your attorney will take advantage of the fact that this is very difficult to prove. They have to prove that, while an illegal substance was found in your vehicle, that you knew that it was there. Most cars are a mess, and if you looked through your car right now, many items in there might catch you by surprise. You will surely find quite a few “where did that come from” objects among bits of trash that you thought you threw away.

This gets easier to defend against if you have friends or family around on a regular basis — who knows what they may have accidentally or intentionally left behind. How can you possibly say where the small packet of unknown, odorless powder came from, especially after being overlooked for months before being discovered? If your criminal lawyer can argue that you did not know the drugs were there or that they actually belong to someone else, you’re home free.

Always remember that the burden of proof is on the prosecution. You cannot be convicted if there is reasonable doubt of your guilt.

Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

You don’t have to go through the nightmare of felony drug charges alone, contact a drug possession attorney today as soon as possible. The Clark Law Firm is on your side, helping you fight the charges and avoid a conviction. When you need a criminal defense lawyer you can trust with the experience your case needs you know you can trust Phil Clark — call us for a free consultation and begin building your defense today.

If you are charged with a Crime in Boulder, Colorado make sure you obtain the services of Boulder DUI Attorney Phil Clark. Phil is certified in Federal Drug Law standards. With his experience as a former prosecutor, Phil has the inside knowledge and skills to defend your Criminal Law case. Contact Us for a FREE Consultation. Don’t wait to protect yourself and invest in your future today!

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