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Drunk Driving in Colorado

Things To Know About Drunk Driving In Colorado

Drinking & Driving in Colorado If you are going out and you are planning on drinking, driving is probably not the best decision. Every crash, every incident, every death is putting more friends, coworkers, or even family at risk. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) reports that on average every 52 minutes someone is killed in a drunk driving accident. An even more shocking statistic is every 90 seconds an injury occurs due to a preventable action.

If drunk driving is causing this much harm, why does it continue to occur? The answer is simple, for many individuals who are drinking, driving does not seem like an impossible task. How many times have you driven to work and when you get there, you barely remember driving? Driving has become such a habitual motion, slow down when the brake lights in front of you go off, check over your shoulders before you switch lanes.

When you are drunk, your motor skills slow down, braking when you see a red light takes more seconds to process and those fractions of seconds could mean the difference of a life. On average for an individual, drunk driving occurs 70 times before they are arrested for a DUI. Every one of those 70 drunk driving incidents before the arrests is a probability that you could be involved in an accident beyond your control.

Drinking & Driving is a common practice, once the individuals are arrested for their DUI, their driving licenses are suspended for up to 12 months depending on the severity of the accident. If the drunk driving accident is severe and there is a death as a result of their actions they are usually tried with manslaughter and serve jail time.
Drunk Driving leads to Boulder DUIs
Although DUI’s in Boulder may seem one small worry in Colorado, according to DUI statistics roughly 35,000 drunk drivers are arrested every year. With around a third of those arrests, are repeat offenses. Since the situation of Boulder DUI’s has become more prevalent legislation is acting with harsher punishments.

Presently, in Colorado if you are convicted of having a BAC greater than 0.08 it is highly encouraged to install an ignition interlock. If the offender fails to comply by installing an ignition interlock their license suspension is increased to a year. An ignition interlock, is a device installed into the vehicle directly wired to your ignition system. You blow into the system which measure your blood alcohol content, and allows you to start the car if you are sober.

Although there are loopholes to every system, this does add a barrier to drunk driving. Plus, it also saves you from having to call a Boulder DUI Attorney. Unfortunately, license suspension doesn’t deter drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Colorado is one state where there is no limit on the amount of DUI charges you can accrue before it is considered a felony. Many other states have a limit, where usually after the third offense you can be charged with a felony and potential jail time. Why has Colorado allowed such repeat offenses to be handled mildly?

Many officials are hopeful that if after multiple offenses if the punishments get harsher it will deter drivers from drunk driving. Christine Flavia, who manages Colorado’s state DUI program says, “There is not a lot of evidence that repeat offenders change their habit after jail time.” Based on the lack of correlation between jail time and the probability to avoid repeat offenses, Colorado courts only sentence jail time for repeat offenders based on their situation. When handling repeat DUI offenses the best move you can make is to hire an experienced Boulder DUI lawyer.

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