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Duration Of A DUI On Your Record

Duration Of A DUI On Your Record

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How Long Does It Take To Clear A DUI Off Your Record?

How Long A DUI Will Stay On Your Record
One of the most serious driving offenses is drunk driving which is normally termed as DUI in traffic dictionary. Since you don’t have to drink alcohol to pass bad judgement while driving, people call it “driving under the influence”, which means driving under drug and medication is an offense too.

Because this charge is so serious and that legal charges in DUI can be so complicated, clearing the charges and the methods involved in it would take a book in its own right. This is a brief attempt to make you understand your options and deal smartly during such cases.

DUI and its Consequences

Anyone driving with blood alcohol level of 0.08% or greater(depending on the state) is considered to be DUI. Even a first conviction in this case can result in a large fine, at least a minor jail term and suspension of the license for a month. The person may also be required to complete a minimum three month of alcohol treatment program if required. These are the minimum penalties one can face if they are lucky. But a typical penalty for a first offense include a $1000 fine in addition to a $2500 penalty assessment and six months in jail. And your chances of beating a DUI charge are significantly small if the test result is over the limit.

Duration on Record

That being said, if you are wondering how long it would take to take the charges off the record, the answer is 10 years, depending on the state you live in. For example, Florida retains the charge for 75 years, and Tennessee, for life. So if a person is considered a DUI offender and aged 20, he or she will be 95 years old when the DUI comes off the record – not worth the wait and committing the offense in the first place. Many other states have shorter durations, but every state has a minimum duration for this kind of crime, which is 10 years as noted earlier.

Penalties for DUI

The range of penalties for DUI depends largely upon whether the offense is your first, second or third one during the span of ten years. The penalties are same whether you have been driving mildly drunk or dead drunk. And if the offender refused to take a blood or breath test as required by the police, the court will impose additional penalties or jail terms depending on the number of time the offense is committed.

After you have been arrested, you will need to objectively evaluate the case, such as simply pleading guilty as charged, asking for a trial or demanding a jury trial. If you choose to fight those charges, you will have a better chance with a jury trial.

Then depending on the conditions and judge’s experience, you will be given the opportunity to compromise, and if it worked out, you can either plead guilty or get reduced charge. You will also need to consider whether your insurance will rise as a result of the charge, which it certainly could.

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