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False Accusations of Domestic Violence | Easier Than You Thought — Infographic

False Accusations of Domestic Violence | Easier Than You Thought — Infographic

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False Accusations of Domestic Violence

These Problems Often Enable False Domestic Abuse Cases

False accusations for domestic violence occur more often than most may give credit to. Here are a few reasons why false accusations of domestic violence occur so often.


False Accusations of Domestic Violence | Easier Than You Think


A Loose Definition:

The law defines domestic violence very broadly and vaguely and includes: intimidation, stalking, economic deprivation, throwing objects, trespassing, and harassment to name a few. These may not be clear signs domestic violence has occurred.

No Evidence Needed:

Domestic violence service providers, law staff, and prosecutors are instructed to always believe the victim even when no real evidence or proof of violence or abuse is present and it seems more like you are guilty until proven innocent.
Victim Training and Advocates:

Victims are trained and coached by hired workers to embellish their stories to increase the chances of finding a conviction or acquire a restraining order. All of your words and actions will be studied and twisted to make a stronger case for domestic violence.

False Accusation Incentives:

There are a great number of benefits received by victims for accusing someone such as:
• Sole use and possession of the place of residence with a restraining order
• Receives custody over the children
• Mental and/or physical therapy expense reimbursement
• Reimbursed lawyer and legal fees
• Low cost housing and other welfare sevices

Reluctancy to Charge False Accusers:

Prosecutors are reluctant to charge domestic violence perjurers with a crime. Even when someone knows what they are doing is 100% wrong, and that they are lying to get another person in trouble, they have no fear of legal recourse.

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