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Getting Out Of Jail in Colorado

Remember your right to remain silent.

Phil Clark Law Getting Out Of Jail in ColoradoIf arrested and placed in jail, you have the right to be brought before a magistrate or judge within a reasonable time (a maximum of 48 hours).

Your first call should be to an attorney. We may be able to convince the court and prosecution to release you upon your promise to return at the required time. This is called a personal recognizance bond. It is possible that you would be required to have another person co-sign on this bond. This is usually a relative or friend who has lived in the area for some time and has a house, long-time job or other indications of stability. They would be required to accept joint responsibility with you for paying the amount of the bond to the state if you fail to appear at future court dates.

You may not be given a personal recognizance bond. If not, we will help you obtain a reputable, fairly priced and easy to deal with bondsman (surety). This professional charges a fee and will in nearly all cases be able to post your bond. These are called surety bonds. The fee is usually ten to fifteen percent of the listed amount of the bond. We maintain relationships with bondsmen who charge the most reasonable fees.

In some cases you may have to post a bond guaranteed by the value in your home (property bond) or a cash only bond. We can make phone calls if necessary to assist in this process. A bondsman can also help you with a property bond.

Sometimes a person cannot afford to post the required bond and be released quickly from the jail. If necessary we will help you argue to the judge that the original bond was set too high and that it is appropriate to lower your bond so that you can afford to bond out. We will help you put together the kind of information needed by the court if they are to consider lowering your bond.