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Medical Marijuana in Colorado: How to Avoid Being Arrested

By on Oct 10, 2011 in Blog, Boulder Colorado Law Advice Blogs | 0 comments

Medical Marijuana Graphic - Boulder Colorado Medical Marijuana Lawyer Phil ClarkMedical marijuana laws in Colorado are confusing and complicated. You are allowed to possess a certain amount of usable marijuana, but it may be OK to own more if you can prove you need it. The state of Colorado allows you to use medical marijuana, but the Federal government prohibits it. However, if you follow some of these simple steps, you can reduce your risk of being arrested significantly.

If you are arrested for possession or use of medical marijuana in Colorado, you should contact an experienced Colorado medical marijuana lawyer.

Keep it to Yourself

The most common reason for medical marijuana arrests is because a patient is turned in to the police by a neighbor. Don’t smoke in highly visible areas on your property, keep your medical marijuana garden as secluded as possible, and tell as few people as possible that you are growing and using medical marijuana. Never display medical marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia in your windows. A police officer passing by doesn’t even need a search warrant if he can see it inside your house.

Don’t Use Medical Marijuana in Public

Although medical marijuana is permitted in Colorado, public use of marijuana is still illegal.

Don’t Drive While Using Marijuana

Don’t smoke and drive, and don’t have medical marijuana visible in your car. If you’re pulled over for a traffic violation and a police officer sees it in your car, you will likely be arrested. If you must travel with marijuana, put in your trunk.

Don’t Use or Distribute Medical Marijuana Illegally

A great way to get arrested for medical marijuana is to use or possess more than your legal limit, or grow it to sell to others. Remember that the more people who know about it, the more likely you are to get caught.

Keep Medical Marijuana Well-Contained

Keep your usable medical marijuana in as few containers as possible, and clearly label those containers “Medical Marijuana” or “Marijuana for Medical Use Only.”

Be Careful Who You Invite to Your House

Repairmen, cleaners, cable or internet guys, and insect control personnel can all report your to the police. If you do have somebody in your home, hide your garden and usable marijuana extremely carefully.

Don’t Tell Your Landlord

Your landlord may still be concerned that he will be liable under Federal law for a tenant growing and using medical marijuana on his property. Ignorance is bliss. If he is unaware that this is going on, he’s not liable if you get caught. Both of you will happier, and you will be less likely to be evicted, if you don’t tell him about your medical marijuana use.

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