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Phil Clark Law – Understanding Colorado Law – Video

Phil Clark Law – Understanding Colorado Law – Video

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Learn How The Clark Law Firm Will Handle Your Boulder Criminal Defense Case.


Full Transcript
I’m Phil Clark, a criminal defense and DUI attorney serving clients in Boulder, Denver and all over Colorado. I know that getting charged with a crime can be horribly shocking and scary. It is an overwhelming experience when you don’t know the court system, you don’t know what you are facing and you don’t know what to do. This is why you hire an attorney.

Receiving accurate and helpful information can ease your stress and help you prepare yourself for the process ahead. Knowing the full extent of your rights, making sure the legal system functions properly for you and having a sense of your different options are essential parts of a solid defense. You deserve the full benefits and protections of the law, whether they be the so called technicalities or fundamental rights.

The Clark Law Firm helps our clients to analyze all of the potential options a person has in their case. We investigate the evidence and apply the law, helping you to minimize the damage these charges can bring to your life. Whether we negotiate a favorable outcome or go to trial, we provide straightforward support and advice for each client.

Every case is unique. Every client has their own special circumstances and we take this into consideration in preparing for the most successful result possible. After more than 24 years of experience in the criminal law, I can help you.

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