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Phil Clark Law – Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney – Video

Phil Clark Law – Boulder Criminal Defense Attorney – Video

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Learn How The Clark Law Firm Will Handle Your Boulder Criminal Defense Case.


Full Transcript
A criminal defense attorney is a key part of the legal process whose job is to analyze the client’s case and help to evaluate all of the client’s legal options. These abilities should come from long experience on both sides of the criminal justice system, prosecution and defense.
Through determining the legality of the police and prosecution actions in your case, putting together the best possible defense given the circumstances and helping to steer you away from making mistakes in the legal process, an attorney can be essential to getting a favorable outcome.

As a criminal defense and DUI attorney, I always seek to minimize the damage and reach the best outcome possible.

The Clark Law Firm strives to lower fines, limit probation where possible, minimize charges that will appear on your permanent record, and do all we can to avoid the possibility of incarceration.

You are up against a system that is trained and determined to be as tough as possible when police charges are filed.

You need representation that is equally tough and determined to succeed.

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