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Boulder Colorado DUI Statistics for 2011

By on Jun 15, 2012 in Blog, Boulder Colorado Law Advice Blogs, DUI Blogs | 0 comments

At The Clark Law Firm, we’ve found some very interesting statistics about DUI arrests in Boulder, Colorado for 2011. Some of these numbers are appalling, while others should simply raise alarm. As a whole, DUI arrests have been steadily decreasing over the last 5 years. Alcohol-Related Fatalities Fortunately, these numbers have remained low in Boulder over the past 5 years. Of the total of 5 fatal accidents, only 1 death was related to alcohol in 2011. 2009 saw the highest rate of fatal accidents due to alcohol, with 3 deaths. DUI Arrests The Boulder police department made 671 DUI arrests in 2011. This number has been declining since 2006 with a high of 1,048 arrests. For most people, a single DUI would hopefully force a lesson to be learned. However, 4 individuals were arrested twice for Boulder DUIs in 2011. Of all the arrests, there were 539 notices of revocation. That means that the drivers license was taken away. That number is 80% of the total DUIs issued. Seasonal DUIs It would appear that there are ebbs and flows to the arrests made throughout 2011. Arrests seem to start off high in January, which could be in part due to New Years Eve celebrations with 51 DUI arrests. February rates decline and then increases again until April, which saw 67 arrests for the month. This could be due to the ending of the winter and arrival of spring. May saw 60 arrests through to July with 47 arrests during the springtime. Then arrests increased for August to 64 and slightly lowered to 52 for September. These higher numbers compared to the summer time may be due to fall setting in. October had the highest rate of DUI arrests throughout the year with 73 total arrests. There is no doubt that Halloween night bolsters that number quite a bit. Then the numbers drop to 58 for November and 57 arrests for December. The one thing to note here is that this cycle seems to repeat itself year after year, with similar rises and declines in the rate. DUI Age Range Sadly the youngest person arrested in 2011 for a DUI was 15 years old. Conversely, the eldest person arrested for...

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Field Sobriety Tests

By on Jun 8, 2012 in Blog, Boulder Colorado Law Advice Blogs, DUI Blogs | 0 comments

It is important to know your rights when being questioned by police officers, especially in the realm of drinking and driving. Police officers will not allow you to contact a DUI Lawyer if they suspect you of driving under the influence. So every driver should understand what their rights are in this regard and what to do if suspected of driving while intoxicated. There are two different forms of sobriety tests which an officer who suspects a driver to be intoxicated can give. There are the Standardized Tests and the Non-Standardized Tests. It should be noted that every test is voluntary, you are not required to do them. However, failure to participate gives officers reason to believe you are, in fact, intoxicated. Standardized Tests consist of three parts which have been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These tests were created in 1981 and were a way to standardize the process for officers to determine a driver’s sobriety. Walk & Turn Test The first test is the Walk and Turn. This shows an officer two things; one that you are able to follow instructions, and two that you are able to keep your balance while performing the test. One-Leg Stand Test The second test is the One-Leg Stand. Simply put, you must stand on one foot with the other slightly raised, and count aloud for 30 seconds. The officer will watch to see if you can keep your balance while performing the test. Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test The third test is the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), which is a rather new procedure. Nystagmus is an involuntary twitching of the eye that occurs when you use your peripheral vision. So an officer will have you follow an object with your eyes without moving your head. When under the influence of alcohol, the twitching of the eye occurs less and there will be more difficulty in following the object. Non-Standardized Tests There are numerous Non-Standardized tests that can be given to help determine a driver sobriety, however they are not standardized, and mostly used in states where evidence provided by standardized tests are inadmissible. There are six common Non-Standardized tests, each attempt to determine whether a person can...

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Protect Yourself From a Colorado DUI Charge

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DUI charges are common in Colorado, and have devastating consequences for the futures of those involved. Being convicted of driving under the influence can mean the revocation of your driver’s license, staggering fines, probation, jail, or prison time, and difficulty maintaining or finding employment. For these reasons, it is vital that you make sure your case is represented by a skilled Boulder DUI lawyer. Though many Boulder law firms advertise themselves as well-staffed with Boulder DUI lawyers, Phil Clark is a former prosecutor with the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your future during this uncertain time. Read on for more information on how to protect yourself when facing a DUI charge in Colorado. Penalties for drunk driving are often severe for first time offenders, and even worse for multiple-time offenders. A first-time offense can result in up to a year of jail time and fines that range from $600 to $2,100, not to mention a possible revocation of your driver’s license for up to 90 days. A second DUI likely means more jail time, higher fines, and a lengthier suspension of your driver’s license, depending on the circumstances. A third conviction brings increasingly harsh penalties. Some states increase the punishment level to a felony after multiple DUI convictions. Even if you are not charged with a felony, your third offense will certainly mean more mandatory jail time, higher fines, lengthier suspensions, and more rigorous rehab requirements. In addition to the above consequences, a DUI conviction means that you have a criminal record. Employers, landlords, insurance companies, credit bureaus, and other authorized organizations may have access to this information and limit your options as a result. Perhaps this is the best reason to make every effort to protect yourself in court against a DUI conviction by contacting a skilled Boulder DUI attorney. Being charged with this offense can severely limit your options in the future. When you allow a Boulder attorney to give you counsel and represent you in court, there are several things he or she can do to protect you. They can challenge the blood alcohol testing reliability, offer expert evidence that you weren’t under the influence while driving, and obtain evidence relevant to your charges. All...

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