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At 52 years old, I found myself with a temporary restraining order issued against me by a very unfriendly neighbor who exaggerated and was dishonest with the court. Phil’s defense strategy was brilliant and 100% spot on. He won my case and the petitioner’s request for a permanent protection order was denied. Hire him if you find yourself in ANY legal criminal trouble. TRUST his advice. Follow his lead. This man is a consummate professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to anyone. Yes, he’s that good! He’s a man of integrity as well. So glad someone in Denver recommended him to me.




Phil Clark took my 3rd DUI to trial and we won. I was always informed of what was happening with my case and I always felt secure with his decisions on how to proceed. Phil fought for me and I will be forever grateful. I felt and still do, that he honestly cared about the outcome of my case and completely committed himself to winning. Phil treated me with respect and never seemed judgmental or pushy. Some lawyers are so set on doing things their way that you get the feeling that you are just a payday, not with Phil. I would recommend his services to anyone 100 percent.




Phil helped me in a very difficult situation of a hit and run, which involved some corruption by the police. Although I highly respect law enforcement my case was clearly fraudulent. With Phil’s DA experience and is ability to be an excellent voice for me. He was able to work with law enforcement. Not only did my case go smoothly, it saved me the devastating charges that would have caused the loss of my drivers license. I couldn’t have done it with out his help and expertise. He is ethical, professional and easy to work with . Thank You Philip Clark.★★★★★



Steven, Google Review

Mr. Clark/ The Clark Law Firm very friendly and damn smart. If you need help these are your people! Through the whole experience and especially by the end I was thankful that I had found him.★★★★★



Scott, Google Review

Very helpful and friendly. I found his website to be useful and informative. He offers a free 30 minute consultation, which allows you to explain your situation and get feedback without being rushed into a situation in which your paying hourly before you get a good feel for the attorney you’re working with. I would recommend Phil Clark to anyone looking for a good defense attorney in the Boulder area.★★★★★



Damien, Google Review

I found his website has tons of useful information, and the articles on his blog are top notch!★★★★★



B.B., Greeley

I got charged with felony sex assault and the DA wanted a life prison sentence and lifetime sex offender registration. It absolutely did not happen the way they said it did. Phil Clark and his investigations people tracked down witnesses, worked some tough interviews and put together a great case for me while I was in jail with a huge bond. At the pre-trial court hearing, Phil cross-examined the cops and the supposed witness.

The DA’s case came apart with even the judge making some comments. Phil used to be the number 2 guy at Weld DA and he knew the place. He negotiated with them and not long after that the DA gave me a misdemeanor! There was no more talk of sex assault, life-in-prison or sex offender registration. I literally got my life handed back to me. You can trust him, he’s the best.★★★★★



Edward D., Boulder

I phoned Phil after being first contacted by Boulder County Drug Task Force detectives. A sense of dread dominated me in the days before a meeting with task force detectives. I was facing serious felony drug charges.  The comfort of Phil’s presence immediately before, during, and after that meeting cannot be overstated. I was lost without him and very probably saved because of him.

At every step of my case Phil patiently described a strategy which would demonstrate my quality of character to the prosecution. He described the legal requirements and processes. He negotiated for me and made himself available to me for seven long months all the way through a brief post-sentencing hearing with a DMV official which allowed me to keep some driving privileges and my job.  In the end, Phil worked out a deal where I never went to jail or worse prison. My future looks completely different now. I can put this behind me.

I found that facing criminal prosecution can be utterly terrifying. I could see that Phil’s long experience had given him unique insights regarding the personalities and tendencies of police, prosecutors, judges, and DMV hearing officers. And his knowledge of how to help defendants is simply tremendous. Anyone needing superb legal defense should not hesitate to work with him.★★★★★



D.W. and W.E., Denver

Our parents called Phil Clark when we got arrested and thrown in jail after a Nuggets game. We were near a crowd and heard a loud bang. People started yelling and we took off running because we didn’t want to get into the middle of some big deal. Some people saw us run and said we did it. Cops were yelling at us and put us in jail.  Jail was a nightmare.

Once we bonded out, Phil saw us at 7:30 at night in his office. The next day he went to see people all over law enforcement and the DA’s Office in Denver to find out what was going on. Phil found the detective and over a couple days, with his background as a DA, he talked the detective out of pushing charges against us. It was unbelievable to be falsely accused and put through hell.

It was the best thing we ever heard though when Phil said that charges were not going to be filed against us. We can’t say enough about Phil’s ability to talk to police and DAs. He saved us from a railroad job.★★★★★

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“Mr. Clark/ The Clark Law Firm very friendly and smart. If you need help these are your people! Through the whole experience and especially by the end I was thankful that I had found him.” ★★★★★