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The Difference Between a DUI & DWI

DUI vs. DWI: What is the difference?

DUI vs. DWI The difference comes down to the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level you were tested at when receiving your citation. Of course it varies across states, some states consider DWI and DUI synonymous terms. In Colorado, a DUI is cited when the BAC is 0.08% or above. A DWI or DWAI (Driving While Ability is Impaired) is cited when the BAC is between 0.05% and 0.07%. The difference between a fraction of your BAC could be one drink, or the extra sip that took you over the edge. Some states consider a DWI a lesser offense than a DUI, while other states interpret a DUI as the lesser charge of the two. In Colorado, a DWI is considered a lesser offense. Either way, both of these alcohol influenced driving offenses are illegal and have hefty financial penalties.

We have all had those nights when one individual was on a mission to show you that they can hold their alcohol like a champ. No matter what the cause, it’s better to stay inside and out of your car until you are no longer intoxicated. The accidents that are caused by alcohol are increasing causing fatalities, and bringing drunk driving to the forefront of our minds. Colorado DUI’s are responsible for almost half of all automobile accidents every year.

What You Need to Know About Your DUI or DWI

The charges and severity of your citation depend extremely on which state you received the citation in. The best steps to take once you have received your citation is to consult a local DUI Attorney especially with a complex situation involving a citation outside of your home state. Many DUI or DWAI questions will be and should be complex questions based on your situation. If you have a complex DUI Question, Ask Here.

Other Tips about Drunk Driving

There are worse penalties than a DUI, if you have received more than one DUI having repeat offenses increases the penalties. Also, if you are cited with a BAC of 0.17 you can be classified as a persistent drunk driver. The penalties associated with getting any level of alcohol related driving can range from fines, community service, jail time and always administrative costs. Many costs that are given with DUI’s or related crimes are forgotten, such as points on your driving records which directly increase your car insurance. Also, if your license is revoked, finding alternate modes of transportation may get expensive.

Each case is situational; there are many avenues that you can take to lower your fines and punishments. Consequences are never the same for every case, that’s where an experienced lawyer can make the difference for your case. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of a FREE 30 minute consultation of your DUI or DWAI from The Clark Law Firm