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The Things Dumb Criminals Do Which Leads To Their Arrest

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Oh The Dumb Things Some Criminals Do…

Sometimes, we hear stories of brilliantly executed plans of theft, where robbers get away with millions without ever being caught or even a hint as to who had done it. Just imagine Oceans 11 but in real life, and in actuality, similar stories have happened before. But not all people are as clever or smart, and as a result, they do some of the stupidest things which ultimately results in them being caught, or in the least, found out. Here is a list of a few of the more common that we hear when dumb criminals simply do their thing.

Dumb Things Criminals Do

  • Leave Personal Items Behind: Whether it’s the criminal climbing in through the window and dropping their wallet, or leaving their own cell phone behind, often times criminals will leave items behind in the scene of the crime that directly lead investigators to their front door.
  • Failing To Hide Their Identity: Have you ever wondered what those height measurements are next to the doors of a gas station? Well you shouldn’t have to think long to realize they are probably for measuring the height of people coming in and going out. Now that would only matter if it was being recorded as in the heat of the moment, no teller could be trusted to recall the actual height of a criminal who has just robbed them. Which means the store is most likely monitored with video cameras. In fact, everything in our world is nearly monitored with video cameras nowadays. Which means wherever you are trying to break the law, there is probably at least one camera watching you. They used to use masks to rob people back in the day when almost half of everyone was illiterate, with no cameras.  Perhaps our less than bright criminals nowadays could take a page out of their playbook.
  • Leaving Fingerprints: If by now, after all of the police, detective, and crime scene investigator programs that have been put out have not notified people to the fact that a simple imprint from your hand can tell police exactly who had touched said thing…. than nothing will get through. Its amazing exactly how often people will commit crimes and touch everything in a less than halfhazard way. Rather, for a criminal, its in more of a wholehazard way.
  • Leaving Various Sources Of DNA: This goes beyond the same lines of fingerprints. You’ll occasionally hear stories of people defecating, urinating, and all sorts of other unmentionables in the same area where they’ve just committed a crime. How can anyone assume that after doing something like that they’ll avoid being caught? It’s dumber than robbing a gas station without a mask. It’s… ridiculous.
  • Faling To Formulate A Proper Plan: One story should suffice for this point. A while back, a woman was arrested for the stealing of a purse. No big deal right? But what had occurred, was another woman pulled up to a gas station, parked at a pump, payed for her gas, and walked inside the gas station to use the restroom. When she came back her wallet was missing from her car. She called police, and when they arrived she gave them the story. The only extra bit was she mentioned the make, model, and color of the vehicle that was parked next to her. As the cop was writing this down, he happens to look up and see the exact same vehicle across the street at a McDonald’s. He tells the victim to wait there, drives over, and finds out that the criminal simply could not wait to get her fast food fix. She had thrown the wallet out in a trash can, which the officer found. Point being… in the criminals mind, there a was a two step plan of action. 1. Steel Wallet. 2. Get Food. Where she got the food didn’t even matter. Never mind it was literally across the street from where she stole it.
  • Revisit The Scene Of The Crime: This is an odd one, and a little difficult to explain. It seems to go against everything that would be considered logical to revisit the scene of a crime you committed. Unless your intention is to boast by knowing your crime was so unsolvable that there is no way they would know it was you. Except that for certain crimes, they probably survey everyone that stands around watching as police scramble. Between cruiser cameras, buildings, and some video on street corners, its very likely they will see you standing there. Then all you have to consider is the fact that there are numerous facial recognition programs out there. These things certainly don’t help in avoiding attention being drawn to yourself.
  • Attempting To Do Things Beyond Their Capabilities: This can involve running, biking, driving, sneaking, attacking, hiding, and even thinking. In the non-criminal world, most people find jobs doing things they are somewhat proficient at already. But those same standards don’t apply in the criminal world, in the criminal world, the sky is the limit. However, even though the sky is the limit, that does not mean a person can even come remotely close to reaching the limit… or the start for tat matter. Watching a person run from the crime of a scene to only stumble, fall, and knock into things because they don’t usually run anyhow only adds to the humor. If you don’t normally run…ever, why would you include running into the overall plan of your criminal scheme? Seems less than intuitive.

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