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What Can A Criminal Lawyer Do For You?

What Can A Criminal Lawyer Do For You?

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The main reason you may require the services of a criminal lawyer is because you are typically looking at receiving some serious criminal penalties or some time in prison. You can either hire a criminal lawyer yourself, or if you are on what is considered a low income, the court will appoint a lawyer for you. A criminal lawyer is there to represent you in court and they have been specially trained to spot certain factors which may even help to mitigate the circumstances of a crime. Your lawyer will have several different roles to perform during trial and this post will go some way to explaining the great job that they do.

How a Criminal Lawyer Will Work With You

Your lawyer will work with both you and the prosecutor in order to negotiate a “plea bargain”. This is basically about making a deal, which will hopefully prevent you from ending up back within the criminal justice system. A prime example of this would be that they may be able to reduce, let’s say, a 12 month prison sentence for drink driving to serving 6 months in prison and 6 months at an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

Your lawyer will also spend plenty of time with you to help you deal with the myriad of emotions you may be facing. Undergoing criminal prosecution can make you feel scared, lonely, depressed and embarrassed; your lawyer will help you cope throughout your trial.
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Sometimes you just need a reality check – a professional criminal lawyer must remain objective throughout the entire trial and can, therefore, give you a real insight into how they believe the case and the trial in general is going.

They will be aware of many rules and laws that you no doubt have no real idea about. There are certain events, police investigations, etc. that can be pulled apart by a good lawyer; as they will know the circumstances under which these took place and whether they were carried out under the full letter of the law.

Your lawyer can explain many details of the trial that you would never have known yourself. This may include why you may be better off pleading guilty, as this may in fact lower your overall sentence, due to the fact that it appears the trial is not going in your favor.

Other Things Your Lawyer Will Do

One of the main tasks that a criminal lawyer will undertake in order to defend you in court is to gather evidence and also statements from any witnesses who are likely to be called by either the defense or prosecution.
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They will also typically hire someone to fully investigate the crime in question and the circumstances under which it occurred.

It is a criminal lawyer’s job to spend as much time on your case as possible, and due to their legal training and background that will be able to make a far better case for a defendant than if they were to defend themselves.

A criminal lawyer will know exactly how to put a case through the legal system, including looking for potential loopholes or following both the written and unwritten rules that are used in court.

This guest post is authored by Jenny Wadlow, a freelance blogger. Through her articles, she enjoys sharing information related to law. She writes blog posts for Criminal Solicitors Melbourne, a trusted law firm that specializes in the areas of criminal law and traffic law. Reading books is her favorite pastime. You can catch up with her on Twitter @JennyWadlow

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