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What Is A Criminal Lawyer – And When Might You Need One?

What Is A Criminal Lawyer – And When Might You Need One?

By on Oct 7, 2019 in Blog, Boulder Colorado Law Advice Blogs, DUI Blogs |

a criminal lawyer can help keep your record clean

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can save you from getting stuck with a criminal record – and potentially save you’re a lot of money, too. Whatever crime with which you have been charged, having a criminal lawyer to help build a case, handle plea bargains, and possibly appeals after a trial can make a seemingly unwinnable case much less daunting.

Criminal lawyers can help cases that include both state and federal legislation. Most crimes are state rather than federal crimes, including DUI, domestic violence, drug crimes, and theft – among others.

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What Will a Criminal Lawyer Do for You?

While you are allowed to defend yourself in court, a criminal lawyer is trained and practiced in both state and federal laws that may be relevant to your case. They will assist with plea bargains, help build your case with evidence leading up to and during a trial, as well as working on any appeals after a trial. A criminal attorney will be able to assess what your case requires and use their knowledge and experience to help your defense.

Many people feel certain charges are unwinnable cases but that is rarely the case and hiring a criminal lawyer can help keep your record clean. Locally, Phil Clark is a trusted Boulder criminal lawyer who can help build your case if you have been charged with a criminal crime.

Common Colorado Crimes

Criminal law covers a wide range of possible charges. However, here are a few of the most common criminal charges in Colorado and across the United States.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

This covers both the influence of alcohol and drugs and can be a very expensive criminal charge. The Colorado Department of Transportation estimates that the total costs of a first-time DUI conviction can be more than $10,000 – plus the existence of a criminal record.

When you are pulled over, the officer will ask questions to judge whether you appear to be intoxicated. According to Colorado’s Express Consent Law, if the officer finds probable cause that you were driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol, you must take a chemical test. This can be a breath test or blood test if alcohol is suspected but must be a blood test if drugs are deemed likely. Further, if you take a breath test and blow .08% or higher, the officer can take your license and place you under arrest.

While you may feel you cannot fight your DUI case, a criminal attorney will understand all the necessary steps the arresting officer should have taken. If any of these were missed or not done properly, you may have a case.

Assault & Menacing

Assault means causing actual bodily injury to another person, while menacing is the act of threatening assault. In some states, menacing is also known as battery. If you suspect you may be charged with either of these crimes, it is best to find a criminal lawyer before formal charges are pressed. That doesn’t mean it’s too late if charges have already been brought against you. Hiring a criminal attorney to help your case against charges of assault or menacing can be very beneficial – understanding legislation and finding evidence can make or break your case.

Domestic Violence

This is typically used as an enhancement on other criminal charges – such as child abuse, sexual contact, stalking, assault, or menacing – rather than a charge in itself. However, Colorado is a mandatory domestic violence arrest state, meaning if you are suspected of domestic violence by the police, they are required to place you under arrest. It is also mandatory that a restraining order is brought against you, whether or not the victim has asked for it.

Technically, domestic violence is either an act or threatened act of violence against a person with whom the accused has been in an intimate relationship. This can also involve threats against property, including animals.

It is not uncommon that domestic violence accusations can turn out to be exaggerated or bogus, so if these charges have been brought against you, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal lawyer to help.

If You Need A Boulder Lawyer…

Phil Clark has practiced criminal law for over 25 years, first as a prosecutor for the Denver District Attorney’s Office and now as a criminal defense attorney in Boulder. Having criminal charges on your permanent record can have a huge impact on your future. A criminal attorney can help keep your record clean and save a lot of trouble caused by charges such as a DUI, assault, or domestic violence.

If you are in need of a criminal lawyer, give Phil Clark a call to build a solid defense.

If you are charged with a Crime in Boulder, Colorado make sure you obtain the services of Boulder DUI Attorney Phil Clark. Phil is certified in Federal Drug Law standards. With his experience as a former prosecutor, Phil has the inside knowledge and skills to defend your Criminal Law case. Contact Us for a FREE Consultation. Don’t wait to protect yourself and invest in your future today!

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