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You’ve been pulled over: What should you do? – Infographic

You’ve been pulled over: What should you do? – Infographic

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Don’t Make Your Situation Worse

These steps will help you avoid unintentionally escalating the situation with your behavior during a traffic stop.

Getting pulled over is stressful and can often lead to making poor decisions and actions. These tips will keep you from unintentionally escalating the situation by behaving the wrong way. Though there are many Boulder attorneys available, remember that Boulder lawyer Phil Clark has the experience, knowledge, and skill to protect your future and your assets.


What should you do if you get pulled over by a traffic officer? Follow these steps!


Step 1: Show you are attentive and cooperative

At first notice of flashing lights, signal and pull over. If unable to pull over immediately, turn on hazard lights, slow down and get off the road at the first opportunity. Traffic officers will be watching how you pull over and will note it in his report. Show that you are attentive and cooperative.


Step 2: Make him feel safe and be prepared

Roll down your window, turn off your vehicle and turn on your interior lights. You want to make the officer feel safe approaching your car. Make sure the officer can easily see and hear you. Prepare your license and vehicle registration and place both hands on the steering wheel. The officer may approach the driver or passenger side windows, be prepared for either.


Step 3: Obey the officer and be cooperative

Police are people too, don’t make their lives difficult or they will be more likely to repay the favor by using their rights to hassle, search and detain you.


Step 4: Don’t incriminate yourself

Remember to say nothing. You have the right to remain silent and the officer is aware of this. You should only say “I wish to remain silent, and I do not consent to any searches of my person or property.” As soon as you a pulled over, everything you do and say is being recorded and it is best to not incriminate yourself.


Step 5: Collect evidence to support your case

After the officer leaves, if you believe you have been pulled over and/or charged with an offense frivolously, go to exact spot of the infraction (as written on your ticket), and take pictures of everything relevant to the event—speed limit signs, where officer was parked, anyone else involved, etc. If you have enough proof that the infraction is a mistake, the case will be discarded. Contact a Boulder, Colorado attorney as soon as possible to protect your interests.


Step 6: Contact an attorney

If you have been or suspect you will be charged with an offense, contact Boulder attorney Phil Clark. Boulder criminal defense attorney who can provide you with caring and knowledgeable counsel, and contact The Clark Law Firm today at 303.444.4251.


At The Clark Law Firm, we understand that the law can be a tricky course to navigate. If you need help finding your way and have been charged or convicted of a DUI in Boulder Colorado, or are concerned with Drug Offenses, in need of Felony Defense or Misdemeanor Defense, please be sure to contact us immediately. We will hit the ground running to make sure you have the best Boulder Attorney and legal coverage possible!

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