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Why A Proper DUI Lawyer Is Needed To Defend You

Why A Proper DUI Lawyer Is Needed To Defend You

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If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, there are no doubt countless things running through your head. The least of which often times is deciding on a quality DUI lawyer to defend your case. Once the initial chaos and smoke settles, this will be a very important decision you will have to make. And you would be wise to choose your lawyer carefully.

What if I Don’t Want or Can’t Afford A DUI Lawyer?

There are two options available for those who can’t afford or won’t hire a DUI lawyer. The first option is to have a public defender issued. Though, only certain people qualify for Public Defenders, those being who are economically challenged. If you have little to no income, or few assets to sell, you will likely be eligible. If you are eligible however, Public Defenders are not as terrible as they are often made out to be. Many times they have a better understanding than other lawyers, especially those not concentrated on DUI Defense. Many of the cases a Public Defender receives are DUI cases, so they are well versed in the specifics of the law.

If you plainly don’t want a lawyer, than you have the option to represent yourself in court. However this is not advised whatsoever. If you are a first time offender, you may be able to squeak away without a lawyer, and that is always a maybe. There is no telling that an actual Lawyer wouldn’t be able to get you a better deal. Representing yourself should really only be done when you admit to being 100% guilty and are a first time offender. The reason being there is little a lawyer could do for you, however it is still not advised. A quality lawyer could still potentially plea bargain, but if you are admitting guilt, and are ready to face the consequences, then by all means do as you please. Just remember, having a Lawyer always has its benefits, even if that’s simply advice which won’t change anything.

Why You Should Hire A Quality DUI Lawyer

Hiring an experienced DUI attorney does one thing above all others, and that is it increases your potential for options. A DUI Attorney will have familiarity with the court system, extensive knowledge of plea bargain details, and will have the capability to navigate complicated administration procedures. These qualities become even more important if you are a repeat offender.

As mentioned above, if this is your first offence you could possibly represent yourself. But if any other charges accompany your DUI, such as reckless driving, DUI with a minor in the vehicle, receiving a DUI as a minor (Under 21 with a .02 or higher BAC), having a high BAC (meaning over .12), or any other aggravating circumstances, you will surely want to proceed to hire a quality DUI lawyer. The reason simply being that the fines and punishments will be steeper with these additional charges which can be somewhat mitigated by using a proper Lawyer.

Repeat DUI Offenders

For repeat DUI offenders, one of the  largest benefits of hiring a Lawyer beyond their ability to plea bargain is their more important ability to do sentence bargaining. Sentence bargaining is needed, especially for aggravated DUI cases, where a guilty plea may result in an extended period of incarceration. You will surely want a knowledgeable lawyer to represent you to ensure your sentencing is fair.

In The End

In the end, a DUI doesn’t have to be life ruining, but it can cause major headaches if it is not handled properly. The greatest reason you will want a DUI lawyer above all is simply that they are familiar with the system. They may even be able to work with prosecutors and judges to get a DUI reduced well before it ever goes to trial. Having a DUI on your record, which will last for years, also has its consequences. This is especially true if your job requires you to drive, such as for people with their CDL. Beyond that, your insurance rates will no doubt rise, and if you have been convicted multiple times, you may not be able to find insurance at all.

No matter what, you should always attempt to get a DUI reduced to a lesser charge. If you have to pay for an attorney, the up front cost will certainly pay itself off in the long run. Pleading guilty to a DUI is always possible, and is perhaps the easiest process to complete as it’s over once admitted. Though the consequences can last a long time, and you will no doubt come across other problems created by it. To save yourself the stress and mental anguish, do whatever you can to fight a DUI charge, as anything is better than nothing. That said, be sure to hire the best DUI Attorney you can find so as to achieve the best result possible. For those of you reading who haven’t received a DUI… drink responsibly. That is quite literally the only preventative measure that can be taken to ensure you don’t receive a DUI yourself.

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